Missing or Wrong Deposits

If you forgot to use a Payment ID or Attachment ID (e.g. ETN, XMR, WAVES etc.) or used an incorrect one, then your deposit will not be credited.

Deposit made to incorrect receiving / deposit address or Unlisted token deposited:

Exbitron generally does not offer a token/coin recovery service.

However, if you have suffered a significant loss as a result of incorrectly deposited tokens / coins, Exbitron may, solely at our discretion, assist you in recovering your tokens/coins. Exbitron has comprehensive procedures to help our users recovering their financial losses. Please be noted that successful token recovery is not guaranteed. If you have encountered this sort of situation, please remember to provide the following information to us for speedy assistance.

Contact Exbitron support with the following details:

  • The UID of your Exbitron account
  • Token name
  • Deposit amount
  • The corresponding TxID

Deposit to an incorrect address which doesn't belong to Exbitron:

If you have sent your tokens to an incorrect address which does not belong to Exbitron. We are unable to provide you any further assistance.
You are suggested to contact the relevant parties (owner of the address or exchange/platform which the address belongs to).

Mining to the exchange wallet is strictly prohibited. You can mine to the exchange wallet AT YOUR OWN RISK but WE WILL NOT provide any support in missing transactions or other issues that have been risen between the pool and our exchange. We do not recommend mining on the exchange. You are required to check the minimum deposit on our "Fees" page before you sent coins from pool!

Delisting Policy

This document establishes the relationship between the Exbitron management (hereinafter referred to as the Exchange), the developers (organizers, owners) of cryptocurrencies (hereinafter referred to as the Developer) and describes the conditions and the procedure for deleting cryptocurrencies (or tokens, hereinafter referred to as the Coin) from the Exchange.

The Exchange employees expect to receive from the Developers prompt and comprehensive information that is necessary for the uninterrupted and fair use of the Coin in trading operations on the Exchange. If there is no notification of the events listed below, the Coin can be removed from the Exchange:

  • updates
  • forks
  • attacks on blockchain coins
  • the website or coin explorer is not accessible

Coins will be removed from the cryptocurrency exchange in the following cases:

  • The Developer stops supporting the Coin
  • Network instability for a long period of time
  • The developers are suspected of unethical or fraudulent activity
  • The Developer’s failure to compensate losses suffered by the users of the Exchange as a result of an attack on the blockchain Coins, or errors in the Coin software
  • Violation of a Third Party's Intellectual Property Rights by the Developer.

The Developers of a cryptocurrency are obliged to compensate losses incurred by the Exchange due to attacks on the cryptocurrency’s blockchain. The Exchange reserves the right to freeze a cryptocurrency wallet until losses have been fully compensated or to delist a cryptocurrency from the Exchange in the event of refusal to provide compensation. Should the Developers violate any of their obligations, which leads to users making claims against the administration of the Exchange, they are obliged to respond to all claims which the administration of the Exchange has brought to their attention.

Prior to the removal of a Coin from the Exchange, a period of up to 30 days is set during which users can withdraw their assets. For coins with a broken blockchain the same period will be set for an opportunity to exchange the balance for the token of the Exchange.

In the event the Coin is delisted, the listing fee is not refunded to the Developer.