Exbitron.com is a new, innovative trading platform for cryptocurrencies

  • We want to set the standard for service, reliability and customer-centric driven updates
  • We love our customers and hope you have the best experience possible with exbitron.com


1.) Why another exchange?
There is only one major reason why we created Exbitron. We want the fees to be fair, with no surprises, trading fees are 0.2%, and they will probably never be increased up. And also we want make smallest withdrawal fees as possible.

2.) How can I/We trust Exbitron?
Trust needs to be earned, but without trying it cannot be done. We will try operate Exbitron with honesty and answer your questions as much as possible.

3.) What about support?
We are most of the time active on Discord and Telegram. But you can also contact us through e-mail.

4) Where is exchange based?
Germany for now ...